Joe Cameron, a Montreal ex-cop turned Private Eye, is hired by a woman to investigate the death of her brother, which occurred within hours of playing in a poker tournament in Las Vegas. The local police have concluded that the death was a suicide, but the sister doesn't buy it. Cameron flies to Vegas to find out the truth. The suicide theory appears to hold water, and Cameron returns to Montreal with the corpse. But after a second body is discovered in Vegas, under very similar circumstances, an investigation is launched and a cross-border task force is formed between Las Vegas and Montreal. The Vegas cop who worked both crime scenes is sent to Montreal to partner with a cop who happens to be Cameron's best friend. Cameron jumps in with both feet to help, his passion for solving crimes only surpassed by his love of women, booze, poker, and Chinese food. 

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Geri Newell Gillen was born in Ottawa. She grew up in Montréal, on a steady diet of Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. She was educated in Montréal and held numerous jobs which included Chimpanzee babysitter, program typist for the Festival international du film en 16 mm, and McGill Library shelf-stacker. She finally settled on a career as a Research Technologist for a large manufacturing firm. Following early retirement, she appeased her aspiration of writing by chronicling 200 years of Newell Family History. In researching and writing these genealogical stories, and uncovering a multitude of mysteries along the way, she was drawn to writing a fictional mystery. Combining her love of poker and her quarter-century marriage to an amusing pub-loving Glaswegian, “Quite Perfectly Dead” was born.

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